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August 31, 2018 2 min read

5 Ways To Combat Summer Hair Loss 

Did you know that hair loss can drastically increase in summer months?  

In fact, during the summer months more hair falls into the "resting" phase, so many women experience more hair shedding, and slow hair growth than normal. This can be due to the heat, excessive dryness and countless other reasons. 

If you've experienced more hair loss than normal this summer, or slower hair growth than normal... try out these 5 tips that can help: 

1. Cut Down On Oiliness - In the summer, hair can generally get a lot more oily due to summer sweat. Women should keep oily food intake to a minimum, and keep hair washed as much as possible to combat this. If it stays in your scalp in can cause problems.


2. Drink Your Water! - Its common to get more dehydrated in the summer months - when you're dehydrated its harder for nutrients to get digested and properly absorbed by body cells. We try and drink 10+ glasses of water a day to ensure we're hydrated!


3. Clean Your Scalp - During the hot seasons, its common for the scalp do get a little dirtier than normal! This is again, because the glands secrete more oil during the summer and more dirt and grime can get stuck! This is never good for hair growth.. so be sure to scrub your scalp even more than you normally do. 


4. Keep Your Diet Healthy - Its important to make sure you get fresh fruits and vegetables to flood your body with the nutrients it wants so your hair gets what it needs!


5. Consider A Hair Growth Product - Some hair growth products combat the exact problem that summer months cause when it comes to hair loss. In summer, a lot more of your hair go into a resting phase. Certain products like our Folliboost Hair Growth Serum, help reactivate hair growth and kick them out of that pesky resting phase!


We hope these tips can help you out this summer, we know they've helped us and hundreds of the women that work with us!


This summer has been beautiful, and its even better when our hair looks as beautiful as it can!


Keep enjoying summer, stay safe, and flaunt that hair!