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Folliboost™ Hair Growth Serum x1

The #1 formula for thicker, fuller hair is here!

Folliboost is a natural formula formulated and manufactured in the USA, designed to help  stimulate hair follicles, help combat hair loss, and help achieve thicker, fuller hair.†

Users of Folliboost often see: 

  • Visibly thicker, fuller, luscious hair
  • Improvement in damaged hair
  • Improved hair density, thickness and fullness in existing hair

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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<div id="loox-inline-reviews" style="display:none" data-loox-hash="1564788171386"><div class="review"><div class="name">Tracy L.</div><div class="review_text">Usually my return hair growth from chemo therapy is very slow, I purchased this product 3 months ago, used daily and got 3-4 inches of stronger fuller hair growth back in a real short time! </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Elizabeth G.</div><div class="review_text">Love it!  

Lizzie Thomas

Jazz vocalist</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Jessica p.</div><div class="review_text"> I’ve tried so many products and supplements that are suppose to help with hair growth and never see results! This is the real thing! The best part about this product is how it feels. It’s not an oil, which is a major bonus because oils always make my hair look like it needs to be washed. I love the slight tingle it gives my scalp after applying this. Make sure you give your scalp a good massage too! I stuck with this product and I’ll definitely be purchasing another bottle! I haven’t been able to grow my hair for 8 years and it’s finally getting long again. Apply it two times a day, everyday for at least a month and I promise you’ll see results! </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Donna A.</div><div class="review_text">I love this! My hair has gotten thicker and more manageable. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Leanne T.</div><div class="review_text">Love this product seeing fast results</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Shelly C.</div><div class="review_text">Less hair loss looks fuller </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Lakshmi M.</div><div class="review_text">Its great formula! We applied it and it has wonderful results. we recommended to our friends too!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Sonia A.</div><div class="review_text">Really great!!!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Van V.</div><div class="review_text">Seems to be working very well. Well worth the price</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Amandla A.</div><div class="review_text">Pleasantly surprised!! I'm a major skeptic in terms of hair growth products as many things I've tried in the past did nothing at all. Plain and simple, this hair serum works. Full review below. Full disclosure: this has nothing to do with the quality of my review - I'm super transparent in all I do, and to validate that, you should know Tricholabs offered me a 20% discount off my next purchase for my (very real) photo. Excited to get a few dollars off the next bottle!  


I started using the serum on March 4th and in 4 days, noticed SIGNIFICANTLY less hair falling out (I shed like a wild animal). I took other progress photos and after the first month and noticing an inch of growth already, I began treating only one side for the next month to see the difference (as can be seen in my photo).


I did notice that my hair will now grow through split ends (so that growth really doesn't count at all) so I've had to trim away heat damage more often. Now my hair has finally grown past its sticking point (I've been trying to grow my hair to waist length for a good TEN years and it's always stopped about two inches above where it is now). I've also noticed a lot more strength and shine.  


It does not leave my hair oily at all (I wash every 2-3 days) and has a nice peppermint smell. I apply with my fingertips so I've also noticed faster growth in my fingernails as a bi-product.


Thank you for finally making my growth goals a closer reality!!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Shirlee H.</div><div class="review_text">I can't see much difference from last month, will try one more month to see if any regrowth.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Judith B H.</div><div class="review_text">The product is easy to apply.  This is just my first bottle so I think it’s too early to see results.  

Pardon if this is a duplicate response but I can’t remember if I really sent another. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Dorothy L.</div><div class="review_text">I have been using it twice daily and don’t see any change. Will continue, but I’m 75 and have had this issue for many years at my hairline. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Sheri D.</div><div class="review_text">I used the serum and vitamins and it was great seeing my hair grow.  I will tell everyone that this truly works and you'll be so happy!  </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Gwendolyn L.</div><div class="review_text">So far I'm impressed with This product.  I can tell a difference in my hair.. IN places where it had completely thinned out, now has new growth.  I will be reordering this product</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Adeline G.</div><div class="review_text">I like it I can see little hair growing on my bald spot I hope to see more hair soon </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Prem G.</div><div class="review_text">This product give me quick action.. I love it </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">cintia S.</div><div class="review_text">This product has been amazing!  

A miracle! My hair is so full and so strong besides it has grown a lot.  

I love it . Everyone is complementing my hair!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Betty K.</div><div class="review_text">After 6 weeks hair has come to life.  Thank you for the help!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Theresa M.</div><div class="review_text">To be honest I was skeptical about this product and others almost like.  What I must say about this PRODUCT is that I like it.  I’ve been out of it several weeks now.  I was a little down cause I did not see anything.  One morning I was getting ready for work and I was brushing and putting hair oil on my hair and notice my hairline   Inotice BABY HAIRS was coming in.  Where I was told by my Dermologist that that area would not.  I remember reading a review from one of your customers she mentioned that baby hairs came.  I was so excited.  I’ve suffer from hair weaves that have taken out my edges and the crown of my head.  So I am thinking with time this PRODUCT is a great fit for me.  It does not  irritate my scalp either which was one thing notice first.  So I give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Julia C.</div><div class="review_text">my hair after a few weeks of tricho labs serum.  </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Indira R.</div><div class="review_text">In 6 weeks I have seen improvement and hair loss has stopped. But new hair growth not visible yet.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Eva T.</div><div class="review_text">This product is not oil so I don't need to worry to go to sleep after applied it at night.  I have used it only for one month and feeling is good.  </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Maria S.</div><div class="review_text">I definitely notice a small difference in the quality of my hair and my hair grows fast! It makes my hair soft and smell great! I need more!!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Michaela H.</div><div class="review_text">I can't tell if it's working or not, can't see new growth .</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Naomi S.</div><div class="review_text">Yes your product works, the new growth is coming in. But slowly. So I am sure it is working. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Victorine A.</div><div class="review_text">I was almost entirely bald in the front as seen in the picture before. After using folliboost for about a month, I can see my baby hair starting to sprout. I am encouraged and hope in 3 months as advertised, I will see more growth. Happy customer so far!!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Danbi M.</div><div class="review_text">Great product so far. Going to order it again!!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Ramanjit Kaur V.</div><div class="review_text">Amazing product. Truly a product you can rely on! It helped to reduce my hair fall.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Janardhanachari K.</div><div class="review_text">It’s really good product </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Linda B.</div><div class="review_text">I’ve been using folliboost for a month and a half now and I can see the improvement in my hair growth. All my edges were gone but now I can see the new growth. Thanks folliboost. I love this product.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Betty K.</div><div class="review_text">This was the first photo before using.  Current photos are much fuller. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">DIANA S.</div><div class="review_text">The front left side was very thin hair..started using your product as soon as I received it. I use it every morning and about 3 nights before bed. Really am happy with this product. I tried to send before and after picture..hope they both went thru</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Irma R.</div><div class="review_text">I bought Thrico serum by November 2018 and started using it right of way, I was amazed of how fast my hair is hair has reached the below my shoulder length, Am so happy,when a woman reach her 40's the hair thinner out and started to fall( now in my 60's) and that was happening to me but not anymore thanks to Tricho and I still have a bottle and a half, that means the results I got it was on 1 1/2 bottle in three months also my hair have gotten thicker...I definitely recommend this serum to everyone.

Thank you for such excellent hair product!

</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Joann R.</div><div class="review_text">My hair was falling out badly for two months, in handfuls...due to medication. Left my hair very thin. But, this helps with the thinning and shedding. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Gualberto F.</div><div class="review_text">I bought this for my wife that has been struggling with her hair growth for the past 11 years. Every sonce her kimo therapy her gair has never been the same. Well she is bery excited with her hair and it’s growing so fast that she cannot believe her eyes. We are very happy with this product !</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Shirlee H.</div><div class="review_text">My hair has stopped coming out by the handfuls and think I see some regrowth.  Can't wait to see what happens in another month.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Susie E.</div><div class="review_text">I have sent you pictures of before during and now.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Camille J.</div><div class="review_text">I’ve only used one bottle so far but it smells great, feels good and I am looking forward to seeing the results! </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">cintia S.</div><div class="review_text">Love it! My hair got more volume and it is longer!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Maryann L.</div><div class="review_text">I love wearing my hair down.  My hair is full and free.  I enjoy being in nature and dig this products natural ingredients. Thank you. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Andrea L.</div><div class="review_text">Seemed to work less hair shed.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Charlene D.</div><div class="review_text">I noticed right away the change as I saw new hairs coming out of the scalp. I knew if I could afford to continue I would be more than thrilled with the results. Because of the size of the bottle I wouldn’t be able to do my whole head so I focused on just the crown and again yes saw results. I believe the contents of the bottle lasted  2 to 3 weeks.  Which told me the largest offer you have is what I will need to do my whole head and will be lucky if I got through the month. I believe the package is over a hundred which means to say I have to wait until I can afford    Sad</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Allison R.</div><div class="review_text">I went into this experience very unhappy with a bad haircut and this product really lifts my spirits to know that it is not going to happen overnight but that in time my hair will be growing before I know it. It is so simple to apply and love that it is travel size too!! I will definitely buy this product again because I am already seeing my hair (especially my bangs) grow faster than I have ever seen before!! </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Kathy L.</div><div class="review_text">So far I have experienced some hair growth and look forward to seeing even more results!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Joann R.</div><div class="review_text">I was losing a lot of hair, for over two months, due to medication. I feel that this serum, is helping!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Joann R.</div><div class="review_text">I use it everyday, as part of my styling routine.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Yolette P.</div><div class="review_text">I love the products </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Karen S.</div><div class="review_text">Product came quickly.  Doesn't leave my hair greasy.  Baby hairs seem to be "sprouting".  Doesn't smell and is everything they say Folliboost is-so far.  I would purchase again.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Rhonda P.</div><div class="review_text">Truly love it</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Rita W.</div><div class="review_text">I saw a little growth and I'm still using it.  </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Mary A.</div><div class="review_text">.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Suban K.</div><div class="review_text">The Folliboost Hair growth Serum has worked wonderfully. I enjoyed it and it has brought noticeable results.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Charlene B.</div><div class="review_text">My hair is fuller and the holes where my scalp showed through are not noticeable any longer!! </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Bernice A.</div><div class="review_text">It didn’t help as much as I had hoped it would. Small improvement.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Helen S.</div><div class="review_text">This product may work well but I am handicapped so I do not wash my hair every day as I only have 1 hand that works due to a stroke. So massaging this into my scalp just leaves my hair looking like a mess. So I only get to use it the night before I wash my hair </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Swetha T.</div><div class="review_text">I just started to use it. I am positive that it will help my hair to grow. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Christine C.</div><div class="review_text">I was skeptical about the product. However when I went to my hairdresser for a trim and highlight, she noticed that my hair was thicker and fuller. She asked me if I was using something on it, and I said yes and told her about your product.  

</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Jane M.</div><div class="review_text">It really works. I have some bald spots that are beginning to show hair growth.  

I plan to buy additional for some family members who are experiencing thin

spots as well. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Milagros K.</div><div class="review_text">Good </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Milagros K.</div><div class="review_text">Seems to fill the thinning spots.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Deborah M.</div><div class="review_text">progress is being made!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Candice V.</div><div class="review_text">I love the serum. It works very well</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Maria M.</div><div class="review_text">Very easy to use. I recommend everyone to try it. I will be purchasing another bottle too. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Mary C.</div><div class="review_text">Too soon to tell </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Nannette S.</div><div class="review_text">My aged were in bad shape. After using product I saw edges started to fill in.

</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Sonia A.</div><div class="review_text">Stopped falling out my hair! </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Pat C.</div><div class="review_text">It’s OK I don’t use it every day forget when I do use it I mean I get you’re here stinky but it’s all right I haven’t seen any big major change it</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Joyce R.</div><div class="review_text">I feel its working! I may order another bottle.  Price point little more than I want to spend. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Verceli E.</div><div class="review_text">I really like the product it makes my hair look fuller and thicker!  

and add shine to my hair !</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Lisa B.</div><div class="review_text">I bought this for my daughter and she loves it</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Leslie F.</div><div class="review_text">This product is easy to use and I noticed results immediately. I can see new hair growth everywhere that I have applied it.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Musukula Q.</div><div class="review_text">Working on it slowly </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">cintia S.</div><div class="review_text">Excellent my hair really grew a lot </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Cindy O.</div><div class="review_text">I have been using it since February 14.  So about 2 months.  I haven’t seen any change yet .  Only maybe baby hairs in front getting a little longer.  

I see no new hair appearing though .  </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Debra P.</div><div class="review_text">I think I see a little progress.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Rose V.</div><div class="review_text">It’s ok !</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Marcia M.</div><div class="review_text">While it appears to thicken the hair while in use, once you wash your hair you can see nothing has changed. I figure it is coating the hair to make it appear thicker, which is great for the short term. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Beena J.</div><div class="review_text">I felt my hair started growing more.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Althea S.</div><div class="review_text">Very good product.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Anicia J.</div><div class="review_text">I think it's slowly helping my hair follicles to grow some hair. It remains to be seen.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Mary A.</div><div class="review_text">.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Mary A.</div><div class="review_text">...</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Milagros W.</div><div class="review_text">I would like to order more.   How do I go about it?  </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Angie R.</div><div class="review_text">I seen a slightly quicker growth in Length but not in thickness </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Karen L M.</div><div class="review_text">I’ve been using it for a month now, so far I have not seen new growth. However, I have noticed less loss of hair. I’ll give it another month see what happens. Then I’ll be able to submit a photo. I do love the scent  

Thank you!</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Josephine A.</div><div class="review_text">Going to continue ther 2nd dose </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Sarah E.</div><div class="review_text">Started to notice a difference after a month of use</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Sabrina B.</div><div class="review_text">I use the product when my hair is wet. I like the way it tingles and it helped my hair grow a little</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Marie yvette R.</div><div class="review_text">It's amazing to use this serum, I used it only every week not all  day,I saw it is doing something good for me,because  my hair grow up the little  hair  in the roots even if it's still stay thin,I like  it.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Christina L.</div><div class="review_text">I add it to thinning areas 2x day, I’ve noticed hair filling in those areas. I’m on my second bottle.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Christina L.</div><div class="review_text">There is growth the areas where my hair thinned.  I lose less hair.  I feel the Banyan hair oil makes  my hair full and healthy. I leave it on overnight before shampooing. During the week I’ll put it topically on the bottom third of my hair. (It’s nineteen in. Long).  </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Darlene m.</div><div class="review_text">I like it my hair has shown some growth however I really need to keep using this product so I can achieve the maximum benefits.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Pearline S.</div><div class="review_text">Only seen  a little growth as far as edge growth around the edges, more growth is in the back.    </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Rita B.</div><div class="review_text">I have been using this product as directed and there is no doubt it's beginning to show. progress of regrowth and thickening. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Angelena J.</div><div class="review_text">I have been using Folliboost now foe about 2 months now.  I have see a little  growth.  Hopefully will see more for the next few months.</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Carol V.</div><div class="review_text">I see New stronger growth of hair on my crown area. I’m very excited. </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Shabana N.</div><div class="review_text">Am still using the product but I can see the improvement so I do think I will be purchasing it soon </div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Robert S.</div><div class="review_text">My hair and my wife hair has seemed to grow and get thicker THANKS</div></div><div class="review"><div class="name">Barbara L.</div><div class="review_text">  It’s a slow process so don’t think hair growth is going to be there right away . I have to say I was skeptical but I can finally see results .