This Is How Lisa, 63, Found The Best Hair Growth Solution in 2023

After trying over $2,000 in different hair growth products in 3 years, this is the only one that fixes hair loss in women over 45 by "Flushing" 1 Pesky Protein Causing A "Hair Growth Blockage"


At 60, Lisa experienced her worst nightmare - fast, thinning hair.. 


At first, she thought, "Oh this happens to every lady at my age, I'll just deal with it". But each day it seemed to get worse and worse.. 


After a few months, it got so bad you could see patches of missing hair on her head, hair all over her bathroom floor, living room floor, heck even the car. 


It changed her as a person. Her once bubbly outgoing personality seemed to disappear all because she lost her once thick and beautiful hair. She needed help 


At that point, Lisa decided to try her absolute hardest to find a hair growth solution and transform her hair back to how it was in her 20s..

Here Is Lisa's Hair Before

Lisa at 60, Prior To Trying Anything On The Market

Take a close look. This is Lisa. Her hair growth story was painful, embarrassing, and at some parts depressing... it may be similar to what you may be going through right now... 


But the good news is there's a 100% risk-free option any woman over 45 can try..and should because it works! 


It is extremely important for you to read her story in full because it reveals exactly why this one single product worked when nothing else on the market did..or does to this day.... 


It's a short and very informative read, stay with's her first 3-year timeline of. attempting to grow back her hair


Year One: Mainstream Products

We started with the basics, purchasing all the popular hair growth products found online, on social media, and on TV. We gave each product 3 months for a total. of 4 different expensive products. When we went to try and get our money back since it didn't work at all, we couldn't since the companies claimed:

"You're outside of our money-back guarantee timeline, sorry"

What these companies do is prey on ladies in pain sell them a pipe dream, which is truly snake oil..
Tell them to use it for 3 months to see results, but. have a 30-day return policy knowing every lady giving. it a "confident try" will come back 3 months later with NO CHANCE to get their money back... Horrible...really...but an unfortunate truth
Year One: Mainstream Hair Growth Products

Year Two: Homemade Remedies

With nearly $1,000 wasted on popular hair growth products that DIDN'T WORK, Lisa took to the internet, and online forums, and talked to ladies over 45 who saw hair growth success using homemade products.... 


Lisa was hopeful this may work but only found weird remedies like rosemary oil, avocado hair masks, onion water, gross odd mixtures, the list goes on... Lisa tried them ALL.... 


Most were so messy and disgusting, but they were cheap and supposedly could work. 


So again, she gave 4 different homemade remedies a try over 3 months. Not only did NOTHING WORK... she wasted more money, and time, and had her hair covered in all sorts of gross stuff... 


More disappointment...more failure.... 


Lisa was close to giving up until she found what. seemed like the perfect option....

Year Two: Homemade Remedies

Year Three: Hair Surgery

It sounded perfect: a short 30-minute surgery and hair is GUARANTEED to grow thicker than it's ever least that's what these surgeons' websites. say... 


What they don't mention is...

hair surgery can cost anywhere from $6,000 on the low end to $60,000 to achieve the results you want to see plus MULTIPLE surgeries...NOT taking. into account the harsh side effects if things go wrong like GOING bald...

Another $1,000 was wasted on a consultation we couldn't get our money back from....


Year Three: Hair Surgery
The Discovery That Changed It All

After 3 years of hair growth failure, tons of money wasted, and Lisa's hair was the worst it's ever been... but by the grace of god...We were blessed! 


Lisa kept on searching and searching, reading books, posting on online forums, speaking to. hair experts... until one day I read this weird blog post online that was recently uploaded by a top hair expert. In short, it said... 


"Top hair experts around the globe recently discovered that 1 major key to hair loss is a "pesky" protein in the body called BMP4 that increases in women over 45."


And the more BPM4 in the body, the worse the hair Ioss, thinning, and fall would be... 


Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4, or BMP4 for short has been overlooked for years according to this post.. 


But it holds the KEY to solving thinning hair once and for all. It tells hair when to stop growing, rest and fall out to prepare for the growth of a new, fresh hair follicle. 


But here's the HUGE problem 


If this BMP4 signal "malfunctions" and is at elevated levels in the body and in the hair follicle.. it can block hair growth completely by keeping hair follicles stuck in the resting phase. 


This study was shown in a recent release of Stem Cell Journal...



If this BMP4 signal "malfunctions" and is at elevated levels in the body and in the hair follicle.. it can block hair growth completely by keeping hair follicles stuck in the resting phase. 



This study was shown in a recent release of Stem Cell Journal...



The Discovery: BMP4

Is this what's causing the hair loss for millions of women around the country who can't get it back?



The answer is yes: this BMP4 signal must be blocking the hair growth of millions of women struggling with thinning hair....


See, it all made sense to me when I finally found another study done by Northwestern School of Medicine that said BMP4 increases significantly in the body as we age!



But..what if we lower this hair loss-inducing protein in our body?


The post said,



If you could just "clear" this blockage from the hair, then normal, thick, healthy hair growth could be restored...



That's the first time I have learned of this incredible idea in the same post by global hair experts and the benefits of Root Clearing for effective hair growth.


The "Root Clearing" Effect
The post said something shocking..

"The only products or routines that will work optimally to address hair loss and thinning in ladies. over 45 can help "clear" this blockage caused by the "pesky" protein BMP4 found in high levels in ladies over 45."

Can you imagine how easy it would be to finally get your hair thicker and fuller if all you needed to do was clear a single blockage?
  • No more hiding thin hair anymore...
  • No more wasting time and money on hair growth remedies that don't work...
  • And no need to resort to $10,000 hair growth procedures or risky chemical-based drugs!

Any lady over 45 could just quickly "flick a switch" and clear out this pesky blockage and watch the hair everyone truly loves come back in full force... faster than you thought possible! My mind was racing... I kept reading..just to be filled with absolute shock and awe...

Protein Blocker BMP4

The same hair growth experts behind this post did something I will forever be thankful for. They had deep pockets, so they tested nearly every product, routine, and weird procedure.. 


There was a list of over 100 different things they tried. 



When I got to #1 I thought to myself: "I'm going to order you a bottle this second".


Of all the products and routines they tested, looking into every ingredient, nutrient, compound, and more... Seeking one thing that addresses this issue and can "clear" this blockage to reignite the hair growth cycle for anyone... No matter how bad their case of. thinning was or how old they were... They found one single product that could!


I ordered it right away...


Fast Forward 3 Months...

Just 3 months after I ordered the #1 product recommended by hair growth experts...that ACTUALLY can "clear" this hair growth blockage by reducing the BMP4 in the body.. Causing hair growth to reignite like wildfire... Lisa's hair finally transformed fast, naturally, and safely... 


She used it just once a day when she was getting ready each morning... applying it to her scalp, and letting the magic get to work.... 


In 3 months of daily use applying it twice a day... the results were shocking.... 


Before I share the incredible product name, remember what Lisa's hair looked like a few years ago? 


Well, this is her hair today after just 3 months of using this formula:

Lisa's Hair After 3 Months

What is this formula?

Here it is: The #1 "Root Clearing" Hair Formula
Tricho Labs
Folliboost Hair Growth Serum

From $39.95 per bottle 

The #1 Hair Growth Serum is designed specifically with "Root Clearing" in mind. It works so well in fact that you may see a difference within the first month. 

  • Universal Solution: Suitable for all hair types, regardless of current condition or length of thinning. 
  • Highest Safety Standards: Manufactured in strict compliance with GMP safety standards, ensuring top- quality and safety for users. 
  • Chemical-Free and Pleasant: Folliboost Hair Growth Serum is free from harsh chemicals, leaving your hair smelling great and non-sticky. Its user-friendly design requires only 30 seconds of your day.
  • Risk-Free Trial: This product is backed by a 180-day risk-free trial, so you can experience Folliboost with confidence! 
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The commitment to quality is second to none. With a focus on the highest-quality, most clinically tested ingredients without the usual additives or fillers commonly found in other hair serums..



You can find cheaper hair serums -- but if you want true value for money, this hair investment works and is worth it..



While a relative newcomer, the brand has been on the scene for a couple of years now, slowly building its reputation for quality products with premium ingredients



The product comes with a truly risk-free 180-day trial so you can try the product first to ensure it's suitable for you..

#1 Root Clearing Hair Formula 

Folliboost by Tricho Labs