The Top Five Hair Serums Ranked

Top 5 Hair Serums Ranked

From the Most Effective to Safest to the absolute BEST Here are the 5 Hair Serums RANKED

From politics to diets to raising kids, it’s hard to find things we can all agree on. Here are a couple everyone is definitely on the same page about…

One: every woman wants thick, full, and beautiful hair.

Two: HAIR GROWTH SERUMS SOMETIMES WORK. That’s right, that statement is 100% true. A range of prices, guarantees, and promises all result in one thing: some hair growth serums working and others just don’t do a thing. Thankfully for you, we ranked FIVE hair growth serums that should be on your radar. So you can finally stop worrying about which ones to choose, and start thinking about getting back thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair. 

1. OVERALL VALUE: Folliboost Hair Serum

Effectiveness: 95%

Safety: 90%

Price: $

Overall: A

Folliboost  has it all, a good value, safe ingredients, and (brace yourself) it works!  We tried Folliboost after we found an incredible discount on this serum. We gave it a six-week trial and found our journalist Jamie Lutz hair to grow thicker, longer, and fuller. The ingredients are natural and don’t cause irritation or burning, and the instructions are straightforward and simple. It’s really the best of everything packed into one product. Effectiveness, safety, and value all rolled into one.



Effectiveness: 85%

Safety: 75%

Price: $$$$

Overall Value: B+

Vegamour is one of the most well-known hair serums on the market. It’s definitely one of the most expensive. For its effectiveness, it certainly has a hefty price tag, especially with results often being mixed. Some women claim it works wonders for their hair, while many are left with lackluster results.


3. SAFEST: NutraM

Effectiveness: 52%

Safety: 95%

Price: $$$

Overall Value: B-

Viviscal has garnered some great press for its natural ingredients and claims to use healthier supplements to improve your eyelash and eyebrow growth. But does it work? Not so much. There’s about a 51% effectiveness rate, which means you’re flipping a coin on your lashes. At the very least, it won’t burn your eyes, you just won’t have eyelashes people like looking at.


4. MOST AFFORDABLE: Pure Beauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum

Effectiveness: 39%

Safety: 88%

Price: $

Overall Value: C

Pure Beauty Naturals provides a well-concentrated biotin serum. It’s all-natural ingredients make it safe, and there’s certainly no harm in using it. It can help keep hair strong and healthy, but we haven’t seen extremely great growth results. If you’re on a budget, there’s no reason not to use biotin, just don’t expect miracles. 


5. THE WORST:Dermotive Hair Growth Serum

Effectiveness: 30%

Safety: 35%

Price: $

Overall: D

The bad Amazon reviews might be a tip off, but if you took the risk you’d find unhealthy chemical ingredients, ineffective results, and a quarter-filled bottle that really makes you wonder what you’re paying for. BEWARE, it’s not worth it.


Reader Results

"I cannot rave about your product enough. It is exciting to brush my hair and only see a few strands of hair left behind, sometimes no hair at all left in my brush. My husband loves to run his fingers through my new hair.”


 "I was skeptical to try this at first, but I'm glad I did! This is the only thing that worked for me. And I have tried it all! Within the first 3 months of use, I saw baby hairs coming back all over and the hair around my temples and crown getting much thicker!” 


"I have been using this product for about 2-3 months and am on chemotherapy. The chemo makes my hair fall out by the handfuls! But this serum is amazing! My new growth from this product is wonderful. If I didn't have this product I would have no hair. This serum is giving me new hair and growing so fast! I am amazed!"